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Welcome to Historico

Welcome to, the web site for the sharing of stories of events from our past so that they may be understood, both in terms of the context in which they were set in their day and in terms of the consequences they have had ever since.



We launch our site with a fascinating story from the Great War about Captain Charles Algernon Fryatt, the captain of a ferry operated by the Great Eastern Railway Company who, whilst sailing from Tilbury to Rotterdam, attempted, in self-defence, to ram a submarine (a 'U-boat', short for 'unterseeboot') of the Imperial German Navy and who, for this act, was captured and executed, thereby becoming known as 'The Martyr of Bruges'. As 2016 marks the centenary of Fryatt's death, a special exhibition commemorating him and explaining the whole story is to be held in Harwich, Essex, and details of how to purchase tickets for this special exhibition may be found on our Tickets web page. The contents of the special exhibition may be found on our Captain Fryatt - The Martyr of Bruges web page and, following the special exhibition in Harwich, the full story will become available on these web pages also.



Following the publication on this web site of the full Fryatt story it is intended to publish many other stories that deserve similar treatment, so please bookmark this web site and visit it occasionally to see updates. In addition, you can 'like' on Facebook and Twitter to receive notifications of updates.

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