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About Historico

There are numerous web sites that contain information and data about events that have happened in the past, but there are very few which help the reader interpret that information and understand the context in which those events occurred, or help the reader understand the impact that those events have had ever since.



It was during the course of a study in to the story about Captain Fryatt that this became particularly apparent, there being plenty of web sites telling, and re-telling, the 'folklore' that has come to surround the story but none actually explaining the background to how and why it occurred nor what happened as a result.



It was frustration about how, in an attempt popularise the Fryatt story, so much of the important detail has been omitted from the various tellings of this story that formed the genesis of this web site, the thought being that, if the Fryatt story has been treated in this way, then there are very probably many other stories that have been similarly treated which have, likewise, lost much, if not all, of their real meaning.



So, whilst the Fryatt story is the one with which this web site is being launched, it is intended to publish many other stories that deserve more complete tellings than they have hitherto enjoyed. And the scope of this web site isn't restricted just to stories from the Great War or to shipping. As such, ideas for future stories are welcomed, and anyone who has been researching a story with the similar aims of understanding the context in which it was set in their day and understanding the consequences and who would like to publish their work on this web site is welcome to contact us via out Contacts web page.

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