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This special exhibition telling the story of Captain Fryatt has been produced by Mark P. Baker and has been made possible through the contribution of his own modest collection of artefacts and the very generous contribution of a significant quantity of artefacts from the collection of Bob Clow.


Bob is a former railwayman and has been collecting artefacts related to the railways and shipping of the Harwich area for over fifty years. He owns the Harwich Railway & Shipping Museum collection and has had a particular interest in Captain Fryatt for many years. He mounted his own small exhibition about Captain Fryatt in the Harwich Guildhall some years ago, and items from his collection featured in the first episode of the Channel 4 television programme 'Not Forgotten', presented by Ian Hislop and broadcast in 2005.


Mark has been interested in railway history ever since his secondary school history teacher took him to visit the Essex Record Office in the 1970's. Since then he has researched a number of aspects of the history of the railways of East Anglia and of north and east London but started collecting artefacts only relatively recently. Whilst building on his collection of picture postcards he discovered a considerable number relating to Captain Fryatt which, in turn, led to other related artefacts being found, and it was in course of doing this that he first met Bob.


The Star in the East lodge of the Freemasons, with particular assistance from Mr. Terence Farrell.


The Colonel Stephens Railway Museum, with particular assistance from Mr. Brian Janes, honorary curator.


The German U-Boat Museum, with particular assistance from Peter Monte.


The archives of the Harwich Town Council, with particular assistance from Mr. Raymond Plummer.

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