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Chapter 5 - Charles Algernon, son of Charles, father of Charles

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Captain Charles Algernon Fryatt was born in Southampton on 2nd December 1872 the third child and second son of Charles Fryatt, himself born on Canvey Island, Essex, and his wife Mary, born on Holy Island, Northumberland. Fryatt's father was a seaman based in Southampton and Fryatt was educated at the Freemantle School in Southampton during the time the family lived in Southampton.


Fryatt's father then took up a position with the Great Eastern Railway Company at Parkeston Quay where the last of his six children was born.


As a result of this move, Fryatt continued his education in Parkeston, and his career in the service of the Great Eastern Railway Company and his marriage and his own offspring will be detailed in the exhbition.

Charles Algernon Fryatt, from a carte de visite by Ernest Pettingwell of Hull. This photograph would probably have been taken when he was worring in Hull in his early twenties - image courtesy of the Harwich Railway & Shipping Museum collection of Bob Clow.

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